Friday, February 9, 2007

OCD Jeopardy

"I'll take Googlemania for $400, Alex."

"The answer is, 14 . . . so far"


"What is, how many different ways can you phrase a Google search for 'early pregnancy symptoms'?"

"Correct! Make a selection."

"Procrastination for $800, please."

"The answer is, Your appellate brief is due on February 20th."


"What is, why I ought to stop obsessing about the results of this IVF cycle and get back to work?"

"Right again! Select a category."

"These two symptoms are literally keeping you up at night."


"What are crazy dreams and insomnia?"

"Ooooh, I'm sorry. The correct answer is 'What are frequent urination and insomnia.'"

The really weird thing is that as I lay wide awake in bed at 4 this morning, I was thinking about this post and envisioned myself, hugely pregnant, eating a giant bowl of Rice-a-Roni and rubbing Turtle Wax on my hunormous belly. It cracked me up at the time, but then again, things are much funnier at 4 am.

Three more days of weirdness until Beta.



Jen said...

I don't know if I can hold out another three days!

geri/ gerkat said...

I'll be crossing my fingers for you for the next few days. Can't wait for news!

tammy said...

3 days! I've got everything crossed for you and hope you get some rest this weekend!

Katie said...

I am hoping with all I have that those little blasts are thriving and growing in there... Come on little buddies!! As for you, mom, take a deep breath. Not too much longer. xoxo

hope4future said...

:-D Turtle wax? Really? I'll expect pictures of that! May the next 3 days fly by!