Saturday, January 20, 2007

Volcanic Mittelschmerz

Mittelschmerz, for the uninitiated, is a quaint term for the little pang or ache an estimated 20% of women have around the time they ovulate. From the German "middle pain," it is thought to be caused by the follicles stretching the ovaries before they burst through.

When you take massive doses of fertility drugs, there are (hopefully) a lot more follicles stretching and bumping around in there. They can cause some rather volcanic mittelschmerz.

It's Day 7, and I'm starting to feel some twinges. I hope that's a good sign.

While you're sitting around with your fingers crossed, here's a nice photo of my little Mad Scientist Laboratory:

And here's a closeup of my sharps container. Nurse Sweetie Pie always says, "Think eggs, not needles!" This one's for you, NSP:

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