Friday, January 19, 2007

Day 6 Report

Despite the little snafu with the Menopur, my follicles seem to be coming along nicely, given my age and my low ovarian reserves. Today's scan showed three wee ones on each side, nothing bigger than 10mm, and a few other really tiny ones, which the doc said was just fine.

That's marginally better than where I was at this point in my IUI cycle, when I had 4 follicles, all but one smaller than 10.

I've been told by some of my friends in the computer that IVF cycles seem to grow eggs a little slower, which makes sense to me. The goal with IVF is to get as many eggs as possible, so it would make sense to draw out the process long enough to give the little guys a chance to catch up.

It's hard not to compare myself with younger women whose bright shiny ovaries are kicking out dozens of eggs at a time. Twenty eggs would be a fabulous response for a 25 year old. Ten is likely beyond my reach. As long as I can grow at least 4 to a decent size, they'll go ahead with the retrieval and transfer. And I have to remind myself, it only takes one good one.

Please grow, little follicles. And bring your friends. There's a party in my ovaries, and everyone's invited.

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Ms M said...

Come on, little follicles! You can do it!

From my recent experience, the numbers went up and down and up and down. I started with 11 follicles, then it was down to 9, then it was 6-7 follicles, then, at the end of stimming, things went crazy.

It's too early to say how many you're going to have, chica!

Any idea how long you'll be stimming?