Thursday, March 8, 2007

We Now Add To Our Cast Of Characters

In previous episodes of "As the Womb Churns," we met a few of the caricatures and authority figurines that populate my medical landscape, such as Dr. Glass Half Full, Dr. Droopy Dawg, and Dr. Really Nice.

This morning we met Dr. Rollupoursleeves. We like her. A lot.

A quick ultrasound showed 7 resting follicles -- more than I've ever had before. Dr. Rollupoursleeves thinks my chances of having a baby with my eggs are no different from those of any 39-year-old, around 25-30%. That's still not great, but it's twice as good as we thought before. She agreed that we should give ART our best shot for another year before we go to plan B (donor eggs), and also thought we should take another look-see at the weird little dip in my ute.

So, here's the plan. We're going to move ahead with an IUI in March. If that doesn't work, we'll do another hysteroscopy in early May, and if the dip looks biggish, they'll snip it right then and there. If the dip looks like it's not a problem, we'll do IVF in May (or more likely June, since we're actually GOING ON VACATION in May). Then, we'll have a baby and live happily ever after.

That's my plan and I'm stickin' to it.


snickerdoodle said...

I love this plan!

Alexandria said...

(cautious clapping that threatens to break into mambo/tango/dancing in the streets, rainbows arc from the hydrants and the moon above) I love this plan too... I am still holding all my "future mama mafia" pinstripes and suits for a certain professional mom-to-be...

the stress of your life - the stress of so much TRYING.. could definitely be an important factor. ( Insert brain/body chemistry blather/speculation here... blather available if you would like to actually endure conversations that include words like amigdala and norepinephrin surge... you have probably had enough of that) Dearest Gina, take care of yourself. Remember that in order to be a Mom, you have to be a person first. People who are moms before(or despite the fact that) they are people have unflattering musicals written about them, but you'd rather have a better role, right?
However you two come to have a child, will be the way that you come to have a child -or two, or however.
Plans are always risky. All we have is the moment - acting in a way that benefits all future outcomes, thinking of those we love, those we will love, and the fact that those two categories is all of humanity, potentially. ( even the f***ing idiots, damn them)
you are strong. you will prevail. you are loved.
smoochies to you and M.

tammy said...

Excellent plan! I think it is so good that you found a dr. that you like with Dr. Rollupoursleeves. I think that is really important when doing ART. I'm wishing you the best with this plan!