Monday, March 5, 2007

Keeping the Faith

As we shimmy through this limbo period, it's sometimes difficult to be mindful of the present moment, to let ourselves enjoy just being on this earth with each other and all of the wonderful people who surround us.

I've been ambling around in a bit of a funk. A bit of a fog. A foggy funk, but nothing as cool as a funky fog. Every now and then, I look up, and I appreciate the fact that our loved ones, and random strangers, and the weather, and the universe itself all seem to be conspiring to pull us out of it. To wit:

Exhibit A: In this notoriously foggy city, there's been nary a cloud in the sky for the last several days, and the sun has been warm and plentiful. Even the evenings haven't been chilly. It's hard to maintain a personal fog when the sun is so actively trying to burn it off you.

Exhibit B: The other day I was running to catch a bus. The driver had already started to pull away from the stop. He saw me and stopped to let me on. (That may not seem like an unlikely occurrence unless you live here. Trust me. I should have called the newspapers about this.)

Exhibit C: It's suddenly wedding season. We haven't been to one in a year and a half, and suddenly, we've got two coming up in the next month. It's a lovely reminder of the radiant joy and hope we had at our own wedding not quite two years ago. Plus, my friend's bachelorette party is going to be a camping trip. It's hard to be in a foggy funk when you're camping in a beautiful place and celebrating a good friend's happiness.

Exhibit D: It was impossible to watch the herds of kindergartners dressed up like adorable piglets for the Chinese New Year parade and not grin like an idiot.

Exhibit E: I idly broke open a leftover fortune cookie the other day. The paper inside said, "A short stranger will soon enter your life with blessings to share." I suppose that could signify a vertically-challenged postman, but maybe not.

Exhibit F: My mom sent me this.

I rest my case (and reserve the right to present rebuttal exhibits if necessary, so don't screw with me, world).


Georgia/MB said...

excellent exhibits....
Faith is a good, good thing.
And there's a quote, while somehow a little obnoxious, that I lean on now and then: "Fortune favors the brave". Virgil said it.
Anyway, you are brave, and I wish you all the blessings and joy and other good stuff I can think of.

Dissie Bride said...

Binky, so glad to see you keeping the faith. And remember, when you feel that you can't hold onto it, there are so many of us out here holding onto it for you.

Wishing you all the best!

Pamela Jeanne said...

You've got the right attitude! The best cure for getting out of limbo or ambiguity is to push ahead and do something. (And don't the Life is Good guys make some great t-shirts?)