Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Buddy Ricochet

If the IVF cycle was the saga of Cecil the Turtle, this IUI cycle, at least by contrast, requires the introduction of a wholly opposite character.

I confess that my first candidate was Speedy Gonzales, with his cheerful "Andale! Andale! Eeehah!" and his bongo-accompanied footwork, but, however innocently I enjoyed him in my youth, he is a bit of an offensive stereotype, so much so that the Cartoon Network has permanently deep sixed the poor critter.

And so, here begins the tale of Ricochet Rabbit:

I started stimming last Monday, and by Friday I had a rather pushy dominant follicle measuring some 16mm. That's super fast for my heretofore sluggish ovaries. There were a couple of others in there as well, but the NP who did the wanding this time around -- I'll just call her Mr. Magoo -- may have missed some.

So, they had me start injecting antagons, which hopefully will help slow little Ricochet down a bit so the Droopalongs can catch up.

We'll know more tomorrow.

Ping! Ping! PIIIIIING! Ricochet Rabbit!


keril said...

Hey Binky, I'm following along, cheering for your dominating folicle to take a break and let the others catch up.

hope4future said...

Crossing my fingers!!