Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy VSTB Day!

IUI #2: Done, and done.

We reported to the
Sperm Laundrette just a few minutes late for our 7 am appointment. We fully expected Nursky Ratchetskaya (a truly terrifying woman who looks like the Heat Miser and has the bedside manner of You Know Who) to chew us out for our tardiness, given her tantrum last time over a host of completely imaginary deficiencies on our part. To our astonishment, she was, if not actually cordial, at least subdued.

An hour and a half later, after a delicious greasy spoon breakfast (after which Atomic lovingly dubbed me "Baconhead" due to the lingering aroma of crispy pig flesh in my hair), we picked up the Precious Bodily Fluids and headed over to Kaiser.

They put us in a room . . . and then in walked good old
Mr. Magoo. Atomic and I gave each other a look, knowing that we were each having the same thought: Lord help us, she's going to squirt it in my ear.

Fortunately, with only a minimum of guidance, Nurse Magoo managed to locate the proper orifice, and in went the swimmers, off to find their quarry.

Now comes the hard part -- nothing to do but wait.


tammy said...

Good luck Binky!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the luck... Is it sad that my DH used that EXACT pic of heat miser this week in his lecture notes for his physics students? Sigh!


Anonymous said...

more luck and good wishes coming your way, Binkster!

Have you had your moment in the officiant spotlight, yet?

Thinking of you and Ricochet Rabbit!

Dissie Bride

Anjani said...

Good luck!