Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On The Move

Gabby's been a busy little beaver this week. On Monday, I came home from work and Meghann, our fabulous babysitter, said excitedly, "Look at what she can do!" She put her on the floor and put a toy in front of her. Gabby picked herself up into a push up, but then, instead of doing her usual worm action, she managed to get a knee under herself and propel forward. Atomic then told me she'd made it across the floor of his studio.

It's not like I missed her first steps or anything, but it made me a little sad.

By Tuesday night, Gabby decided that she didn't like sleeping on her back anymore. We still put her down on her back, but now she sighs, grunts, and flips over, and sometimes folds her arms in front of her and rests her head on them.

This morning she figured out how to use the adorable "Giddy-up" jumperoo we got her. She beamed and squealed as she bounced and bounced and the jumpy made galloping noises.

Oh, and she cut a second tooth.

This is going really fast. The dizzying speed of it really makes me appreciate bedtime, when all I can do is hold her and nurse her and cuddle her. I can't multitask when I'm putting her to bed. It's all about the two of us being in that moment, just staring at each other and hanging out together. And when she finally falls asleep and slumps into me, her total trust in me brings out the fiercest and tenderest feelings I have ever experienced.

She's my little girl. She's my big girl. She's a part of me, and separate from me. It's all quite confusing, actually, and rather wonderful.

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