Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Road To Hell

I love new beginnings. Maybe that's why I celebrate New Year's, Chinese New Year, and Rosh Hashanah -- that's three fresh starts per calendar year. I love the idea of renewal, of renewed focus and introspection. I also recognize how terribly fallible I am, how easily distracted from doing right.

So, for all the good it will do me, here are my resolutions for 2007:

  1. I resolve to meditate as often as possible, and will try to attend group meditation practice on Tuesdays.

  2. I will go to yoga at least once a week.

  3. I will not beat myself over the head about infertility, looming old age, extra pounds, or other body issues.

  4. I will look deep into my husband's eyes at least once a day.

  5. I will try to cook healthy food.

  6. I will practice loving kindness, starting with myself.

  7. I will exercise self-restraint and avoid smacking people who have children and obviously don't deserve them.

  8. I will blog my little heart out.

Anyone else got any good ones?


Anonymous said...

As always, heartfelt, clever and funny. And although it may not seem very Zen, smacking people who deserve it *is* often "the middle way"....

p.s. Cuddle your cats also.... :)


Anonymous said...

And make me some grits damn it!

Alexandria said...

Happy New Year, Best of Women. Sometimes the road is twisted, and all we can do is try to imagine a roller coaster, and try not to get sick, and think that somehow, every moment is worthwhile for some damn reason, even when we don't know what it could be, and all possibilities seem rather far-fetched. You are a strong, elegant, smart, beautiful woman who is currently having a run-in with what might be called the world wisdom generator on a good day, Hell on a bad one. Persevere.
Remember that you are loved. Don't forget to call on your friends - we are there for you.
If Fortuna is listening, may she grant you your wishes. What might be called my prayers are with you.

rockit said...

Binky, you are so frickin' cool, and strong and brave. Your love heals us. This may not be PC, but please consider adopting me. Ya know, talk it over with Atomic, see whatcha think. That would make MY year.
This blog is an incredible gift, to you and to all of us.
So, it's New Year's Eve at the dome, and i'm doing that steward thing for a group of folks, praying for the moment my jammy pants can replace my jeans, and my fuzzy rainbow slippers embrace my tootsies, kinda tiredly looking for that New Year motivation/inspiration. You gave me that tonight. I'm blessed. I'm grateful. I love you, Binkaliciousness, and our gorgeous Atomic, too. Smooch!