Friday, December 29, 2006

Binky's New Blog - Welcome!

Hello, my internets friends, casual readers, lurkers, and whoever else stumbles upon this blog. This is my first post to my Infertility Blog.

Welcome. Make yourself at home. Kick off your shoes and pull up a beer. Share your own stories if you please.

Some of you may know me as Binky on ADL. Others may know me *gulp* IRL. Everyone's welcome here, especially women who are going through similar trials and tribulations.

A few disclosures about me:
  • I am quite liberal in my political leanings (but I don't require that of my readers or commenters);
  • I am ardently pro-choice;
  • I'm a cat person (but like dogs and ferrets and birds and what-have-you as well);
  • My husband and I are actively pursuing ART at this point as well as considering adoption
  • I'm going to be posting a lot of really personal information, including medical and sexual information, in this blog. If that icks you out, go play elsewhere.

I also have a few requests of those who may choose to post comments here:

  • Please be respectful of other posters.
  • Please try to avoid assvice.
  • Think twice about any comment that begins with "just," as in "just relax," "just adopt," etc.
  • If you're citing a scientific study, or making an assertion for which a reasonable person would want to see evidence, please post a link or tell us where you got the information.
  • Trolls will be taken out behind the woodshed and executed.

Okay? Let's ring in 2007!

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