Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quote of the Day

Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor.

And while I'm over here, did I hear old Cranky McGrumpypants correctly last night? Did he really suggest that soldiers returning from military service should be given positions teaching school without having to get a teaching credential? If I did hear correctly, why isn't anyone talking about what a completely absurd idea that is?

I have nothing but respect for our boys and girls in uniform. They volunteered to do a job that the rest of us wanted no part of, and they're paying a heavy price for our leaders' folly. I think they should have every advantage when they return home, including adequate health care (including mental health care) and substantial assistance with higher education and housing. The GI Bill should mean something again. If they want to come home and teach school, wonderful. Give them an education on the public's dime and give them the credentials and tools to do a good job. But to suggest that we should just skip all that fancy-schmancy elitist edumacashion and just plop them into a classroom? That's crazy talk.

Can you imagine?

"Johnny, where's your homework?"
"I fowgot it."
"Drop and give me 20!"
"Twenny whats?"
"Twenty push-ups, maggot!"
"Waaaaaaah! What's a maggot?"

"Sweetie, what did you learn at school today?"
"We learned about bawbed wire! And how to disawm a woadside bomb!"


Yeah, you get the picture.

Now, if in fact I did NOT hear that proposal correctly, well, in the words of Emily Latella, never mind.

The fact remains, though: McCain = total crackpot.


twistedcat said...

*I* was talking about it, but nobody ever listens to me ;-)

Anonymous said...

That's not really fair. You shouldn't post a picture without it's caption.

" My precious! He has my precious!... "

In Senator McCain's defense, Barack Obama *clearly* has his precious...