Thursday, July 5, 2007

Snorkelwacker Returned To Closet

Thank you, dear friends, for helping me beat the Snorkelwacker back into the closet.

I had the amnio today. I was, much to my surprise, calm and centered going in. Okay, I'll be honest. I wasn't the spastic nervous wreck I expected to be, so I considered myself calm and centered in comparison.

Kaiser treated me so well. A nurse came out, went through the forms with me, then led us back to the amnio room. The doctor was awesome, friendly, reassuring, and explained everything she did before she did it. The ultrasound tech was sweet and oohed and aawed at our "perfect" baby. And the nurse held my feet and rubbed my ankles during the amnio, which, while not exactly a day at the spa, did not suck nearly as much as I thought. It was really not bad at ALL, and whatever discomfort there was paled in comparison to our joy at seeing our gorgeous baby.

All of Flipper's measurements look good. He was as wiggly as ever, and had the good sense to scoot out of the way of the needle. (Watch out: here's where I start bragging about how smart my child is).

And look at the punim on this kid!


Katie said...

So, so happy that Flipper is doing well, growing perfectly, and that you got treated so royally for your amnio - a foot rub, no less! An excellent day, all around!! XOXO

Kinnari said...

What a great ultrasound shot; that is one adorable profile. (Heh, I have to admit to googling "punim"; I thought you were making an Announcement.) And I'm so happy that the amnio itself went well. Sounds like--well, if not a fun experience--a rewarding one. Much much love to you both. To you three!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! So glad it went so well.

tammy said...

What an adorable ultrasound picture! I'm so happy that you had a good amnio experience and that the little Flipper is doing well. Sending you and your family good thoughts!

Pamela Jeanne said...

Cool - glad to hear you're in good form. (And very smart of Flipper to get the heck out of the way...)

Katy said...

So gorgeous! But really: couldn't you have gotten apedicure while they were at it?