Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here's Foam In Your Eye

We've heard all about Obama's fundraising prowess, but when you factor in the wads of cash that the RNC has to throw about, Obama's got some ground to make up.

So today, in honor of the mouth breathers who think that "latte" is French for "liberal arts education," I decided to donate the cost of one latte per week to the Obama campaign.

I hereby throw down the foamy gauntlet to you all. Click this here little link and donate the cost of a nice bottle of California Chardonnay. Or the price of one of them big old, whatyacallem? Books? Yeah. Those things you elite folks always have your noses stuck in. Or hell, if you're one of them Wall Street bigwigs who just pulled the ripcord on your golden parachute after handing off your mess to us taxpayers, maybe you'll have a crisis of conscience and donate the cost of a university degree.[1][2]

Put your money where your heart is. Go donate. And then come back here and let me know which symbol of effete leftyism you used to calculate the amount.

[1] And I ain't talkin' no state school, neither, mister.
[2]Ok, ok, there's a $2300 limit on contributions to the campaign, but seriously, Mr. Moneybags, go find yourself a nice independent expenditure committee.

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