Sunday, August 24, 2008

For Now, We're Two

Atomic went to Burning Man. Without us.

It was my idea that he go, and I am glad that he's getting to enjoy the event on his own. I'm glad we're getting to spend a little time apart - it mixes things up a bit, gives us a chance to appreciate each other, to miss one another.

And oh, boy, do I miss him. I started missing him before he was even out the door. I miss him every time Gabby does something cute (which is, oh, about sixteen times a day). I miss him at 3 a.m. when I realize I haven't yet trained the cats to get Gabby out of her crib and into the bedroom. I missed battling him for The Week In Review. I missed him ranting as I try to listen to Harry Shearer's Le Show on NPR yesterday morning, because frankly (and I say this with love, Harry) Atomic's rantings and ravings greatly enhance Le Show.

And it's only been three days.

Granted, the house is quieter, I can watch whatever I want on TV, the cats are a lot less raucous (although one of them did pee on the bathroom floor last night. Bastard.) , and I'm getting a lot done, chore-wise, but all of those things have downsides as well. I'm tired, a little stir crazy, and I think Gabby's getting a bit bored with me.

The good news is that Gabby and I leave tomorrow for a visit to my parents' house in Arizona. I don't think it will make me miss Atomic any less, but Gabby will get to be spoiled by her doting grandparents and I, I hope, will get some sleep.

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Brittney said...

I know how you feel! This is my third time as a solo mom while Thomas goes to the Burn without me. Burning Man widows unite!